10 Advantages of Internet Casinos – Part 1

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No doubt, the virtual world of gambling has a lot of fundamental advantages. The first and the main thing is that it is really profitable and truly convenient to play .

There are many respected online casinos in Canada that have a range of advantages over the land based casinos and offline gambling in general. Let’s consider the major 10 advantages of the Internet casinos that make people seek for the online gambling so much.

The History of Online Casinos

It’s hard to discuss the advantages of the online gambling out of the historical context of its emergence and rise. So, here are some facts from the history of the online casinos:

Gambling establishments appeared in the global network almost immediately after its occurrence.

A a pioneer in the field of the online gambling is known to be Playtech. This company opened the first online casino called  Europa Casino  in 1996.

A year later, in 1997, the first virtual bookmaker company started its work, pushing the shareholders of the largest companies in a new way to look at the potential of the virtual marketplace.

In the next few years, manufacturers of software for gambling began to adapt existing products and create entirely new ones.

The segment gained popularity extremely quickly.

In 1998, the concept of “progressive jackpot” was introduced into the online gambling establishments.

In 1999, already successful and world-renowned manufacturers like  Microgaming, Cryptologic  and  Starnet Communications  have joined Playtech and almost immediately rose to the level of the strongest market players.

Of course, the first time gamblers could only rely on the honesty and integrity of the manufacturer in a completely new segment of gambling which almost completely lacked the legal basis.

The situation changed in 2003 when eCOGRA appeared. It was the first company, profit organization designed to verification and certification of gambling establishments, as well as the protection of customers of online casinos.

The emergence of consumer advocates was added and is now sufficiently powerful incentive for all producers in the world.

Alongside, there is a range of interesting online casino gambling facts you would definitely like to find out:

Online casinos offer a much larger percentage of payments to players than the best casinos in Las Vegas.

The largest prize in virtual casino club was about $ 8,000,000. It was won at InterCasino on May 15, 2007. The winner received $ 6 million minus tax deductions.

Only the best gambling establishments get «eCOGRA Fair and Safe» inscription which ensures the integrity and security of the virtual clubs.

In addition to eCOGRA, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, which is one of the four greatest audit companies of the world serves as the auditor and guarantor of honesty of some casinos.

Powerful Reasons to Play Online

So, why is it better to play at the online casinos for Canadian players? When you play at an online casino with a proven global reach that means that you play at the internationally respected house and you can definitely feel all the advantages of online gambling to the fullest there.

Though, the process of registering in online casino systems are almost always very simple, the maximum pleasure you will get from the online casinos optimized for Canadian casino players mostly. Their size, availability, effectiveness and reliability are directly dependent on many factors: the policy of the institution, its reputation and the possibilities and conditions of the shares, etc.

Online casinos are safe and convenient

The greatest advantage an online casino may offer is gambling straight from your cozy place with a pc at your disposal. You do not have to leave your home to travel abroad or miles away if you want to enjoy your favorite online casino game.

In online casino you play in the most comfortable surroundings you chose yourself. If you go to a real casino without a large private company, that’s chance to see if you’re lucky: you may find yourself in lovely surroundings and with friendly people. It will be very nice to spend your evening, but it may also occur that you will constantly distract and annoy extremely unpleasant or arrogant players or even the dealer.

Speaking about the registration bonuses provided, most online gambling institutions provide some extra money for the registration in the form of the fruity bonuses up to $100 or even more, that depends. Land based casinos rarely offer variety of extra cash bonuses to the beginners or newcomers.

Gambling process is simplified

The process of cash games at online casinos is simplified as much as possible. In addition, the low level of interest rates is worth your attention. Even without a lot of money you can still play in the game of chance in your chosen virtual casino, for example.

Many services even practice a complete absence of the lower limit bet size. Yet, this opportunity is provided only by the largest gambling operators that can guarantee honestly in the payment of the earned payouts.

In addition, the games, game variations, rules and tips may be introduced in one place which makes it easier for the freshers to get adjusted to the house and gambling process the best possible way.

Playing in Canadian national currency

The truth is that not every casino offers an opportunity to play in Canadian dollars the players from Canada. Unfortunately, most casinos are planned with the US dollar and the Euro as a primary currency. Yet, when you decide to play at Canadian online club, you’ll have the advantage of playing casino games and game variations utilizing loonies .

That implies that you can abstain from getting ripped off by your charge card organization with unfair or simply not beneficial trade rates. While the US dollar is essentially at standard with the Canadian, most charge card organizations will charge you a huge fee on transactions via credit cards.

Wider selection of games Canadians like

What about the experience, by the way? To know the rules, nuances and features of the game, its most winning strategies and so on is very useful. Theoretically, in any real casino, you can ask for advice from the dealer, but in any case he will not sit down with you and explain the little things, forget about that!

In any online casino there is a section for those people who want to study the rules in detail or to share their experience, so that play and learn at the same time without problems.

More than that there are a lot of education games and games for free that allow the Canadian players learn the rules better and practice the favorite online casino games without any fear of loss. There are a lot of game variations and game tournaments offered online too.

Playing for virtual money is funnier. It’s sometimes annoying that in a real casino nobody ever gives you just to try playing without any cash. In online casinos everything is really possible!

Virtual money and free gambling possible

Of course, it is clear that the real people want to play with you only for your real money and do not waste your time on actual training. So there, in a real casino, as long as you understand the meaning and tactics of a game, you will have many expenses lost for studies or just curiosity, including the games you do not like or even do not approach by any reason. In online casinos, fortunately, this problem was solved. You may take virtual money and play them, get acquainted with the game, its rules, policies and so on and practice. If you like the game, you put real money and have fun with the game, if you don’t, no one is offended and askance at you. On the contrary, people are glad that you look for and gain a new experience. Isn’t it a paradise for the beginners?

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