When talking about some really wonderful Canadian online slots games, there is no doubt it is your primary responsibility to find the ultimate one for you. With so many options out there, you can surely fund incredible games you will enjoy playing each and every time. Usually, what defines the top online casino games that the gamblers often LOVE is a great combination of the truly important features.

Avalon Online Slots is rated as one of the most favoured games by many online slots casinos exactly because all the important features already exist in this game! You can easily enjoy the great rewards this game has to offer (such as the ability to win up to 1, 000. 00 credits and having 243 different ways to win!). The whole gaming atmosphere is just pure fun and once you start playing you will know it yourself!

So, What Can I Gain By Playing This Game?

You can gain a lot of things! Avalon is the most favoured slots in Canada for a reason, and it is essential you will get to know the most fundamental benefits you can enjoy from.


Obviously, everyone enjoys gambling when playing slots. The gambling experience is responsible for most of the rush gained by playing. However, the experience itself of gaining more and more credits is just wonderful and with SCATTER, you have the option to enjoy gaining those credits while not being required to deposit at all. The SCATTER is the symbol that by three, four or five of its kind can benefit you with one of the most desired rewards slots games can offer: the FREE SPINS!

The FREE SPINS, in general, are a set of spins in which you are not required to deposit at all and yet you can keep on playing the game. The FREE SPINS include most of the benefits included in the regular mode of the game, and you virtually get to enjoy… more! In addition to that, once the FREE SPINS mode starts, you can easily notice your whole gaming experience is being upgraded. The music is more dramatic than it was before, the theme is more special and the overall experience is MUCH BETTER.

In addition to that, SCATTER has another benefit for you… this symbol can benefit you with credits even before the free spins start. Three SCATTERS can give you 4 credits, four SCATTERS are worth 20 credits, and the most prestigious benefit of 200 credits will be gained be having 5 SCATTER symbol on all the reels.  

Sounds WILD

Avalon Online Slots is a WILD game and it also contains some very WILD elements from which you can enjoy dramatically. A WILD symbol, taking part in your game can alter completely the whole experience. Although it is very often thought that the minimal amount of identical symbols that can benefit you with payouts is three, when using WILD the case is a bit different. WILD is a great symbol that can easily benefit you, since it can virtually replace any other symbol on the reels.

Besides the SCATTER, all symbols can be substituted by WILD and the meaning is that if two adjacent (and identical) symbols appear on the reels and WILD is next to them – a three of a kind can be easily created. Four of a kind can be similarly created with three identical symbols and a WILD, and five of a kind now requires merely four identical symbols next to each other since the WILD can substitute the missing one.

Moreover, just like the SCATTER, WILD can also serve as a payout producer on its own. Only two WILDs are required in order to give you 10 credits, and three WILDs will produce you 150n credits. Four WILDs are all that you need in order to gain no less than 1, 000. 00 credits and the greatest reward of 3, 000. 00 credits will be yours once five adjacent WILDs appear on your reels.

Just as promised – a truly WILD game!

What Additional Ways Are There To Spice Things Up?

Avalon is committed to your satisfaction and thrill. Because of that, many gambling features exist just for you.


Being a true expert consists of two essential things: the first is to play Avalon Online Slots constantly, and the second one is to press the EXPERT button and to use its features. Once you press EXPERT, things start to look a whole lot different.

If until today you had this dream of stretching back in your chair and looking at your computer while it plays all the games for you, now you do not have to dream anymore. Avalon has a great feature for you and you just need to start using it!

If you press 5X or 10X, five or ten spins are played automatically and all you have to do is watch. If you desire to make a bigger change and in the game, you can press the AUTO PLAY button and by doing that you get to decide exactly how many spins you want to be played for you. You can choose one of the options suggested (5, 10, 15, 25, 50, 100, 250 or 500) and you can write down the exact number of spins you want. Same applies regarding the way you want the auto – spins to terminate. You can decide they will end once a specific number of credits is gained, or until all the spins are complete. No matter what you choose, you can always alter the gaming mode by pressing the Stop button. Remember, the power is in your hands!


Ever desired stretching in your chair, watching the screen, and letting the computer doing it all for you? Well, now you certainly can! Once you get to the EXPERT mode, you can press 5X, 10X or choose one of the multiple options existing for you on the AUTO PLAY button. This way, you will be able to start spins that will be played automatically for you and all you will be asked to do is watch. You can choose any number of spins you want, including 100, 250 and 500 auto – spins.

In addition to that, you can decide how the auto spins will end (when all the spins are complete or when a certain number of credits is gained?). One way or another, you should always remember the power is in your hands. The meaning is that even if you choose to spin 500 times, until they are all done, you can still switch modes by pressing the Stop button.

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