Can you play online casinos from iPhone?

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Considerable numbers of inventions were made when speaking of online gambling. Now, more than ever, much greater amount of people has the chance to be playing on various casino games. If you are in Canada as a tourist or regular local person, you have immense variety in front of you to choose from. The best part is that now, even if you have an iPhone, it is effortless to gamble and have fun. Mobile casinos are developing with tremendous speed, which gives much more opportunities for people to feel the adrenaline. And CasinoMonster stays your reliable compass in this stormy sea of non-trustworthy and scam online casinos. We review mobile versions of online casinos in Canada, test each and every detail and put out a list of the best iPhone online casinos tailored for Canadian gamblers.

Playing on iPhone is similar to playing from your desktop computer. You should only take into consideration a bunch of minor specifics when gambling online. With the provided list of the best casinos for iPhone prepared for you by our specialists, you can feel protected from scam and fraud casinos and gamble safely and firmly.


Among the most vital benefits that you gain when using iPhone for gambling purposes is that you are secure. Sounds implausible after all those «fappenning» scandals, but still iOS is one of the most secure operating system in the world, so relying on it is absolutely natural. Your funds and personal information cannot be intercepted as long as you care for your own security too.

Customer satisfaction

iPhone users are able to experience better customer satisfaction and reliability. Apple’s team has taken care of every little detail so that you are left with only the best. You should not play if you are not comfortable with your mobile phone, in case you do not want to lose money. Therefore, trust the proven and gamble from your iPhone.


Variety of games in iPhone online casinos is astonishing. Just as many or even more options are opened for you so that you can enjoy quality time of fun. Typical slots, progressive slots, roulette and blackjack, plus lotteries and other table games including poker – all of these is easily available on iPhone, no strings attached.

How can I be sure that my data is secured?

Well, when using online technologies you are can’t be 100% certain. After all, new leaks and vulnerabilities are found every day. However, with iPhone, when you play at your favorite online casino, the chance of getting scammed is reduced considerably. Since the day of foundation, the Apple Company put huge effort in providing security and privacy of user data.

Various protections are invented every now and then, and therefore your gaming experience improves as well. Plus, at CasinoMonster we conduct our own tests to see if the given casino is really applying all those protection method it claims to use. We also check validity and legitimacy of third-party security certificates the casino has.

Is it possible to play from the same account on iPhone and PC?

Usually, when you create an account at an online mobile casino, you expect it to provide access to the gambling from any device. That is also true for iPhone. Regardless of where you joined the club from – your smartphone or desktop PC, you will never lose access to your casino account. We explicitly tested whether the casinos allow to login using different devices and the answer is yes.

Are games different on the mobile and on the iPhone version of the casino?

Unfortunately, the number of games provided for the smartphone version is much smaller. The reasons are obvious, as performance of a mobile phone is usually second to desktop computers. However, do not get this wrong. You still have plenty of games to choose from. Presumably more than you could ever play. Sometimes, mobile casino games are adopted for iPhone and may have lower quality graphics. However, with modern smartphones this is usually not exactly a problem.

What kinds of games are provided for my iPhone?

The selection of games in the best Canadian online casinos for iPhones is rich as always. You are given the chance to experience pretty much most of the familiar and longtime played games. From blackjack to roulette and craps, you can have fun on everything you want.

Will I be able to get my bonus or reward if it is through my iPhone?

There is no discrimination when it comes to receiving what you deserve as soon as it is in your account. The casino does not care if you have entered from iPhone or Mac or PC machine. Now you can relax and get straight into the real action. The only thing to consider – is to read the fineprints carefully, as many online casinos for iPhone have strict rules on how and when you can withdraw your bonus money.

Do Canadian casinos tolerate iPhone gambling?

Not only you are welcome to play via an Apple smartphone, but you are provided with opportunity to play tremendous variety of games starting from old fashioned to modern and simple games. Cards, roulettes, slots, everything you are interested in could be found there. What is more, the graphics at Canada based casinos are splendid when compared to the competition.

If you are a kind of person who likes to keep what belongs to him save, you are on the right place. Canada gaming places are surely trying to invest a lot of time, energy and resources in order your privacy to be untouched. eCOGRA certificates confirm a casino is safe to play at, that it doesn’t cheat with random numbers and the data are kept secure. Having said that, now combine Canada’s security, iPhone’s security and you get full cyber protection of your winnings.


To sum up, if you are from Canada and relying on an iPhone, you have made the perfect choice. Online gambling is waiting for you! Now all it is left is go online, find a casino that best suits your needs and have fun. And CasinoMonster makes sure all casinos we offer for your interest are reliable, safe and paying. In addition to being fun, of course.

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