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Games are known for centuries. The very word ‘game’ comes from the first attempts to entertain after a long hunt or hard work. Ancient people played using bones of animals they hunted, that’s where the word came from. Now, we play using silicon microchips and semiconductor displays, not bones. But the process is still entertaining and captivating. Of course, we are joking, but you surely grasped what we are talking about – online gambling. So what is online gambling? Does online gambling in Canada differs from that in other countries? What are the best Canadian online gambling websites or should you prefer to play offline instead? That’s a whole lot of questions, and CasinoMonster now will try to answer them with the most diligence possible. Of course, the below guide cannot be regarded as a complete and all-encompassing references to online gambling in Canada. But anyway this is a good starter if you are new to online casinos or if you aren’t a Canuck yourself.

What is online gambling?

Simply put, online gambling is casinos of all kinds copying brick-and-mortar casinos you can found in Las Vegas, Ontario or Vancouver. Online gambling websites offer multiple ways to spend and win money: slots, roulette, blackjack, baccarat, table games, keno, dices and lotteries. Most popular are poker, roulette, blackjack and, of course, online slots. People like playing online for many reasons.

First: you don’t have to leave your home at all. Second: you can play whenever is convenient to you. Third: online gambling is extremely easy to jump in and are well rewarding if you are lucky. In fact, online casinos are even more rewarding than their offline counterparts, because they can afford more payout percentages. Indeed, they do not rent space, they do no hire staff aside from customer support which is cheap for online business. Needless to say, their costs are much lower, so they can offer bigger wins and higher payouts and still earn a lot.

Online gambling in Canada is extremely popular not only for the above state reasons, but also because gambling is legal in Canada. So many Canuck players love to spend holidays playing online for some CAD. Even better, online casinos in Canada offer Canadian-friendly ways to deposit money and cashout winnings, so no wonder so many Canadian players prefer to play online Canadian casinos than go to gamble somewhere else.

Popularity and availability of Canadian online gambling also attracts many world-wide players. Of course, they cannot enjoy local payment systems, but still credit cards, wire transfer and e-wallets are available to them.

Is it safe to gamble online?

Many people around the world still think the answer to the above question is no. But times change. Gambling online becomes safer each day. Yes, there is still risk in here, but the risk is generally not related to some kind of scam or fraud. And with the help of authoritative casino ranking websites like CasinoMonster, you can rest assured you are presented the safest list of online gambling sites in Canada to play.

The core of online gambling safety lies in strict regulations most governments put to this industry. Well, first of all, not all governments allow gambling at all, in the first hand. But those who do implement very strict rules about what kind of requirements must be fulfilled by the casino to remain legitimate. In addition, there a number of third-party organization regulation online gambling. Without certificates of such organizations, the a casino is doomed. The most respectful company of that kind is eCOGRA – a commission regulating online gambling and checking if random number generators are fair and payouts are as they should be.

As for security, it is also quite reliable these days. SSL and HTTPS protocols make sure your payment data won’t come to wrong hands, while huge choice of ways to deposit and withdraw, you can easily start playing and claim you gains.

What are the best online gambling sites in Canada?

Even if you like playing online like crazy, you still should pay close attention to where you gamble online. Not all sites are trustworthy. We know that for sure, because we test them. However, among those that are trusted, some are better than the others. Online gambling is a harsh industry and the competition here is enormous. That is why many casinos offer huge bonuses, lucrative loyalty programs and even no deposit play just to attract players and keep them gambling on their sites.

In this environment, the best online gambling casinos are those that are trustworthy and legitimate AND those that provide the best combination of game variety, ease of play, welcome bonuses and free rolls. Of course, we do not suggest you to test all those hundreds of online casinos yourself. We already did that. CasinoMonster’s top 10 list of the best online gambling sites displays the most relevant and trusted casinos in Canada you can play online.

We picked the most legitimate, glitch-free, easy-to-use, fun-to-play and effortless-to-cashout casinos and ordered them by our preference. Read our reviews and select a place to gamble online. Note, the list if dynamic, so a casino that once was a leader can easily go down some day. We re-review casinos and monitor if they still manage to deliver high quality gambling and safety.

Online gambling without a deposit

In Canada, there a multiple online casinos that offer you to gamble even with zero deposit made. Yes, zero. Nada, nil, nothing. Sounds ridiculous, but in fact, this is a win-win situation. The casino gains a new player, while the player can easily try some games and taste the gambling experience and adrenaline. Of course, there’s a catch: you can’t withdraw your winning if you didn’t make a deposit, so this option is more about evaluating the casino, not actually gambling. However, even in this role, no deposit gambling is a nice and safe way to spend few hours playing online.

Conclusion CasinoMonster does the job for you. We reviewed hundreds of online gambling websites in Canada and picked up the best from them. Unlike others, we actually open an account at each casino, throw in some money, play and then try to withdraw. This allows us to write the most comprehensive, real-world and unbiased reviews of Canada online casinos across the Web. We tried hard to make you enjoy your online gambling experience. Why? Because, we are huge fans of online gambling too!

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