How to choose the best Android casinos to play online

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Over the last couple of decades more and more people are having mobile phones. Android is one of two leading platforms for mobile gaming today and the gambling industry isn’t exclusion. Immense popularity of the OS lead to many established online casinos started providing mobile version of their tables and games, not to mention hundreds of brand new Android online casinos seemingly popping out every day. It’s no surprise that many new and experienced players have come to a question: what are the best Canadian online casinos that do support Android as a gambling platform? Options are generous; it’s really hard to choose a casino that is both trustworthy and rewarding unless you are a gambling pro. Luckily, we at CasinoMonster are such pros without false modesty. Meet our rated list of the best Android online casinos for Canadian players.

If you are from Canada and you own a mobile phone that runs on Android operating system, you have immense opportunities for gambling just a few touches away. Variety of games and features are presented to you in an easy to understand way. All you need to do is create your account and start spinning some wheels. Your enjoyment is inevitable; indeed, Android platform is just tailored to casino play. Here is why.

Fluent gaming experience

Android systems provide breathtaking quality when considering graphics and user experience. You have the ability to engage in multiple games created for your pleasure simultaneously. The touch interface is extremely convenient and fun, so Android online casinos are usually as friendly to users as their desktop or in-browser cousins.

Strong security

One of the major factors that need to be revised is the security issue. Indeed, how can you be sure that your credit card data won’t be stolen somewhere along the way to casino servers? Therefore, you need to be safe as a customer and not let any problems stand in your way. Fortunately, the Android platform is 100% safe and completely supports secure SSL connection. Strong encryption underlying this protocol ensures your personal data are protected.

Variety of games

Another major benefit of playing on an Android platform is that it supports multiple online casinos. No matter of your interest, playing cards, roulettes, slots or any kind of gambling, you will find it available and ready to play. You have a chance to pick the one that will best entertain you. And CasinoMonster aims to provide the best options for you among online casinos for this OS.

How to find the best Canada based Android mobile casino?

In order for you to have the most pleasurable gambling experience, you need to find the perfect casino for you. If you Canadian, you have almost certainly found one that you are regular player at. However, what if you are a tourist visiting Canada and want to gamble some money?

Well, there are some ground rules that need to be established when choosing game place as there are a lot to pick from. First and most important of all, do not forget to check the reviews provided by other people. Look for independent guides and tutorials provided by experts or real players. Most of the times, they are completely accurate to the real situation as they are true reflection of the experience of a particular player. Of course, some people tend to trash others work just for fun, but overall you got the idea. You can start with the reviews of Android casinos posted above.

Persons in Canada are believed to be warm and nice. Hence, no hating should be seen when scrolling through the reviews. If the Android application has positive feedback, you can surely push it to the top of your list of casinos worth trying.

Another method to choose the most appropriate casino for you is valuating it on your own. Many casinos offer demo accounts and allow you to play for virtual money. This is true for Canadian Android gambling places too. Try to run one such account and play a game or two. If you have any questions that are not answered directly in the frequently asked questions section, you need to contact customer support. In case they are fast, reliable and helpful, you can think of this casino as a potential gaming place. Nothing says more «Gamble with us» than providing customer care and satisfaction. This is what makes the big casinos noticeable.

Welcome bonuses, higher payouts and effortless banking and withdrawal options are also the must for a good casino. Of course, it is hard and expensive to check everything by yourself, but that’s why CasinoMonster is here.

Will I be awarded a welcome bonus if I sign up from Android?

It is often argued that if you create an account from your smartphone, you will not be able to get your free deposit bonus. Fortunately, this claim is not near the truth. It does not matter how you have made your account as long as it is valid and working.

You can play from both your personal computer and your Android telephone. The best part is that nowadays more online casinos, especially in Canada, are aiming at pure online gaming, without having to download a bunch of software that slows down your device. The era of testing the limits of your machine is coming to an end. Hence, open your favorite site, find the game that is most entertaining to you and experience the thrill of risk.

Can I access all games from my Android phone?

Well, here is probably the only disadvantage of playing through your phone. As it is supposed to have weaker processor and graphics possibilities, not all games are provided. For example, if you have played a particular casino game on your personal computer but go out and decide to continue playing, you will not be able to do it. However, this could not be such a big problem as there are plenty of available games to choose from.

The variety is infinite. If you are braver, you can attempt to try some game that you have not played before. The pleasure of the new and untried is great. Also, do not forget the so called beginner’s luck. You might have no idea what you are doing but eventually leave the Android-based casino with times more money than you had when you came. Go ahead and give the fresh ones a chance, they might turn to be your favorite.


On the whole, if you have Android based smartphone and you are currently staying in Canada, you have tremendous opportunities to have fun at an online mobile casino. The most beneficial part is that you do not even have to leave your comfortable chair in order to play some poker, for example. You can have some drink, watch television or just having quality time with your wife or girlfriend and at the same time experiencing the slots. Do not hesitate and choose the site that will provide you what you are looking for. The rest is easy: enjoy!

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