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Valley of central Nepal sits the mysterious city of Kathmandu. The mysticism and spirituality of the east offer an inviting locale where visitors can explore the secretive society’s exotic culture and traditions. Thanks to the Kathmandu mobile slots you won’t even need to leave the comfort of your living room armchair to experience this magical site. Just open up the online slots casino on your tablet or smartphone screen and play for free in the Free Mode or for real money prizes in the Real Mode.

Mobile Gaming

The Canadian mobile casino brings online casino gaming right to your mobile device. Via the mobile casino you can play any of your favourite casino games at any time and from any location right on mobile. Regardless of whether you’re traveling to work on the morning train, taking a break from your work station, standing in line at the supermarket on your way home from work or relaxing on your back porch swing before you go to bed at night, you’ll be able to experience the best in casino entertainment at your leisure.

The mobile casino connects with your gaming device via Wifi and cellular connectivity so you have24/7 access to all of your casino games. You can play on your mobile browser by typing the casino’s URL into the browser’s address bar or you can download the casino app to ensure an easier connection. Regardless of the method that you choose to play casino games you’ll enjoy a genuine Las Vegas casino event on your mobile screen when you play Kathmandu slots at the mobile casino.


The area known as Nepal Mandala has been a favourite site of spiritualists and explorers for centuries. Natives follow a mixture of Hindu and Buddhist traditions, creating an inviting and cosmopolitan atmosphere amidst pagodas, Buddhist priests, religious ceremonies and other symbols of eastern mysticism.

The five-reel, nine payline Kathmandu slots on mobile brings all of these elements to life. The 180 coin slot machine gives players the opportunity to experience the images of Kathmandu in vivid colors and captivating graphic images. You can enable as many of the nine paylines as you want, but if your spin results in three matching symbols on a payline that you haven’t activated, you won’t receive the payout. So it’s a good idea to activate as many of the paylines as possible.

Game Symbols

Kathmandu mobile slots features enthralling images of elephants, exotic spices, city scenes, Buddhist temples, bell towers and a map that depicts the enclaves of the various ethnicities that populate Kathmandu. Whenever multiple matching symbols emerge on a spin on an enabled payline, you achieve a win.

An image of a Buddhist prayer shawl is the game’s Wild Symbol. The prayer shawl symbol substitutes for slot machine images, enabling you to create additional winning combinations. If more than one prayer shawl symbol comes up in an enabled payline, they create a Wild combination which results in a Wild Combination payout. If you achieve multiple winning combinations on an enabled payline, the casino pays the payout for the highest win.

Special Symbols

The Bell is the Kathmandu Scatter symbol. Whenever 2 or more Bell symbols appear simultaneously on the reels, in any position (not necessarily on an enabled payline) you receive a scatter combination payout. To calculate a Scatter win, multiply the scatter payout time the number of regular coins that you’ve wagered. Scatter wins are added to regular game wins. If your spin results in twin wins – a scatter win and a regular win – you’ll be paid out for both wins.

Free Spins

Whenever three or more scatter symbols appear simultaneously, in any pattern (not necessarily on an activated payline) the Free Spins mobile slots bonus game activates. As soon as the Free Spins game activates you are awarded 15 free spins. Free spin wins are multiplied by a random multiplier value.

During the Free Spins round the Temple icon turns Wild. The Temple Wild then generates additional winning paylines. Three scatter symbols, appearing simultaneously on a Free Spin, retrigger the Free Spins bonus game. Your new free spins will be added to the previous Free Spin total.

Gamble Feature

There are five gamble games in the Kathmandu mobile slots. You can decline to play gambles or you can play one, two or any number of gambles up to the limit of five. The Gamble feature is a easy and fun way to increase your winnings. Some players like to run through all of their gambles, one after the other. Others scatter the gamble rounds throughout the regular game.

Any regular game win triggers the Gamble feature. You decide each time whether you want to Gamble that spin’s winnings.  

After any regular game win (up to 5x), you’ll be presented with a”Gamble”button. To Gamble, press the button and decide how you want to gamble. You receive a concealed card and you can choose to gamble on the card’s color – red or black – or on the card’s suit – clubs, spades, hearts or diamonds. If you gamble on the colour of the hidden card, your existing earnings double if you gamble correctly. If decide to try your luck at guessing the card’s suit (clubs, spades, hearts or diamonds) you have the potential to quadruple your earnings with a correct guess.

Your winnings display automatically. Each Gamble round gives you new chances to add to your previous Gamble winnings.

How to Win at Mobile Slots

Slots gaming is, basically, an activity that’s based on random luck. There’s no way to ensure that you’ll win. There are, however, some techniques for how to win at mobile slots.

Enable as many paylines as possible. If you achieve a winning combination on an unenabled payline, you don’t collect the win. So, in order to make your completed combinations count, enable most or all of your paylines.

Play the Gamble Game but go for the Double Gamble, not the Quadruple Gamble. You have more chances of winning the Double, so even though your payouts may be smaller, your losses won’t be as significant as if you had played the Quadruple Gamble.

Download the mobile casino app and play via the app. If you play on the browser, there are more chances that the game will freeze while you’re in the middle of a play, than if you play app-based mobile casino games. Experience the good fortune of the East when you play Kathmandu Mobile Slots.

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