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It is a broadly known fact that people in British Columbia, Canada are warm, tidy, hardworking and friendly. What is more, this is one of the most pleasant parts of the country as it has huge variety of green spaces. Nevertheless, after the long and exhausting day at work every one just wants to relax a bit and find his hobby. Some people read, other play sports, but some like to gamble. Live or online casino, it does not matter. What it does is to have some fun and spin a couple of bucks around. Who knows, maybe you will win? Needless to say, there is nothing wrong in that. We, at CasinoMonster also love gambling. A lot, actually, so we made our guides and FAQs on top online casinos in Canada.

Choosing the best casino in British Columbia

You are supposed to pick the best casino for you, so CasinoMonster aims to help you with that be reviewing British Columbia Off- and online casinos and delivering the comprehensive guide on «dos» and «don’ts» of online gambling.

Mobile friendly

Most of the casinos in British Columbia are friendly and well-organized. Moreover, they represent the idea of mobility, as huge portion of them offers online gambling. The best part is that they do not expect from you to download any software. You just go ahead, open the site that you have chosen in your favorite browser and enjoy. There is nothing as pleasant as having the option to play in an environment which is familiar to you. You feel calmer and you are able to make better decisions, which is highly important in the gambling life.

Bonuses and rewards

Huge advantage when considering online casinos in British Columbia is giant bonuses and rewards. They give you the required starting point that will shoot you right into the game. You are able to invest in a game and afterwards when you play with your money you will know your lesson and manage to win. And if you know how to play from the start, bonuses are even more advantageous to you.

24/7 customer service

Online casinos in Canada and in British Columbia too offer excellent customer service. Not all of them, of course. But the most trustworthy and legitimate ones that you can find above do. And that’s a real advantage, as you can ask questions, clarify withdrawal regulations, obtain information on wagering rules and so on. Don’t neglect this possibility before you start.

Is it safe to gamble in British Columbia?

Knowing that you and your money are safe, you can relax and enjoy the game more easily. British Columbia’s casinos offer various security forms, from ID scanner, to live guard security. It is all made to be convenient for you so that you get 100% pleasure from the gambling, no matter if you are tourist or local.

The casinos invest huge amount of money into security and put this issue among the first places that should be taken care of. And online casinos protect your privacy and financial data by applying hacker-proof protocols like SSL and strong asymmetric encryption to transfer payment details to their payment server and back to you. The protection is monitored by certain gambling authorities issuing a certificate to the casino if it proved to deliver safe gambling online.

How to know if a casino in British Columbia is reliable?

Trust the facts – if a casino owns huge number of rewards, they are not random. They mean something. What is more, they represent that the casino was best in a certain area. Most of the times these trophies are put on a easily noticeable places as the owners want from you to see them. They are reflection of the hard work and dedication towards succeeding in the business of gamblers.

Another factor is the popularity. For instance, if you are a tourist coming for the first time in British Columbia to see some action, what will be your first thought to look for casino? Probably some ratings sites (yes, we do mean CasinoMonster by that). Online casino ranks if unbiased are a clear indicator of the best places to play in a casino in British Columbia or anywhere else.

Are there any pitfalls in playing online?

We hate to say this, but yes. There are some pitfalls when it comes to bonuses and withdrawals. Bonuses are basically money the online casino offers to you as a sign of their gratitude for registering. But they won’t allow you to withdraw this money. At least, not so fast. First, you must play that money through a certain number of times. This is usually called a wagering multiplier and it varies from 20 to 100. What does it mean? This means you must win bets 20 to 100 times more than you have received as a bonus. Let’s say, you received a $100 bonus and the wagering multiplier is average 30. This means you have to win $3000 in the casino before you can actually apply to withdrawal of that bonus (and your winnings, of course). There can also be limitations on the maximum bet while you playthrough and other restrictions. We recommend checking the EULA of the casino thoroughly to clarify those matters preliminarily.

How many casinos are there that I can choose from in British Columbia? Interesting question with many possible answers. First of all, if you are looking for a brick-and-mortar casino, you are on the right place as British Columbia is one of the regions with most casinos in Canada. It features 24 places you can gamble with immense variety of games. Interestingly, in all this casinos you can find up to approximately 5, 816 slots that you can try your luck on. The poker tables are around 58. Overall, it does not matter what your interest in gambling is, you can always find your place here and eventually manage to win some extra money. And thanks to CasinoMonster you can easily discover places to win some money in the most fun and safe way.

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