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Check your coffers matey! Your mobile casino gambling activities bring you more booty than ever throughout the month of August.  The  Pirate’s Loot at All Slots Casino  this month brings extra fun, extra entertainment and extra payouts to your casino event. Regardless of which All Slots Casino games you prefer to play – casino table games, card games, lotteries or online slots – you’ll be invited to spin the pirates’ compass for free and earn bonus credits, free spins and….maybe….some of each!

The All Slots mobile promotions are open to gamers playing on their iOS, Blackberry or Android device. When you sign into your casino account on your handheld mobile device, simply navigate to the Promotions page and take your free spin of the pirates’ compass on your mobile screen. That compass will direct you to pirate treasures that you can redeem in the form of free, real money gaming activities. Spin for free, and then play for free. What could be easier?

Brethren of the Coast

Between the 15 th  and 18 th  centuries, estimates are that the brethren of the coast were responsible for plundering hundreds of millions of dollars in gold, jewels, gems, silver and other riches from merchant ships and even from the navies of the great powers of the era. As part of the process of colonizing the New World, European powers purloined the wealth of the captured nations and added the riches to their own treasure chests. Pirates, many of whom began as respectable merchants and privateers, saw the opportunities that the treasure-laden ships presented. These ships were only minimally protected and the ruthless buccaneers felt that it was well worth their time and efforts to move from the realm of legal activities to plunder and pillage the hapless vessels at sea.

Paradoxically, since the pirates’ activities were highly illegal (many were executed for their deeds), they amassed great fortunes in stolen goods but were unable to use that wealth in any meaningful way. As they were hunted up and down the Atlantic coast, they stashed their hoards in secret hiding places along coastal inlets and on islands in numerous locations. Some of the pirates relied on their memory to lead them back to their plunder while others created detailed maps to the right spot.

Some treasure-seekers have actually found pirate loot but historians believe that most of the doubloon is still underground, waiting to be found. All Slots Casino brings the treasure hunt to life in its August  Pirate’s Loot at All Slots Casino,  one of the newest and most exciting mobile casino promotions for mobile users.  

Win Cash on your Mobile in Canada

To join the promotion and win cash on your mobile in Canada, sign into your account and spin the compass on the casino’s Promotions page. You don’t have to deposit any money to spin the compass. Your compass spin will indicate your prize – free spins on a casino slots or bonus credits for one of the casino’s other game options.

Once you ascertain your prize you can proceed to use your  free spins  or credits. If you continue to play on your mobile device you can use your free spins for the Avalon slots but if you decide to move over to your PC you can apply your free spins to PC  Pirate’s Loot at All Slots Casino  games including the Avalon slots, Thunderstruck II slot machine, Ariana slots, the Gold Factory slot machine and Pistoleras slots.

Bonus credits are distributed in increments of two, five, ten, fifteen, twenty-five, fifty and one hundred credits. The number of bonus credits that you receive is indicated by your compass spin.

The compass spin is free and all players are eligible. In order to redeem your prize, you may be asked to make a casino deposit. Essentially, this means that you actually find out what you win BEFORE you are asked for a deposit, so you can determine whether it’s worth it for you to play for real money.

Casino advisors note that, if you’re going to go ahead and play for real money anyway, it’s worth it to play the promotion which gives you more time to play without adding funds to your existing bets. All of the wins that you achieve via the promotion are real money wins and entitle you to multiple real money prizes.

Multiple Wins

The August  Pirate’s Loot at All Slots Casino  gives you multiple opportunities to win. There are five promotional periods throughout August, so you can spin the compass one time during each period and win free spins or bonus credits during each period. Five spins equals five different win opportunities!

The promotional periods include:

  • August 2 2015 through August 8 2015
  • August 9 2015through August 15 2015
  • August 16 2015through August 22 2015
  • August 23 2015 through August 29 2015
  • August 30 2015 through September 5 2015


Don’t forget – the August  Pirate’s Loot at All Slots Casino  promotion is an EXTRA promotion that is added to your regular promotions. That means that, even as you win Pirates’ Compass free spins and points, you continue to accumulate all of your regular casino match credits, bonus points, Loyalty Points, free spins, VIP amenities and more. New players receive a lucrative Welcome Bonus worth up to $1630 during their first week of gambling activity at All Slots while veteran players accrue Loyalty Points which they can then redeem for casino give-aways, luxury gifts and other valuable rewards.

Playing on your mobile device has never been as rewarding as it is now with the  Pirate’s Loot at All Slots Casino  promotion.

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